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Update for Tuesday, October 28, 2014: Past Peak

Though the foliage is past peak, the Lakes region is still hanging on to quite a bit of color! In the lower part of the region near Alton, a ton of yellow leaves remain in the trees, with a bit of red and orange as well. Along Route 28 headed towards Wolfeboro, you still can see a mile long stretch of uninterrupted yellow trees. There is also nice color still to be seen in Hebron, where rusty oranges and bold yellows decorate the shores of Newfound Lake. Further north in the region around Madison and Freedom, the trees are now mostly bare, however some orange and yellow leaves do remain in the birch and maple trees. The rusty brown and burnt orange colors from earlier this season now provide a beautiful carpet of color along the green meadows and lawns.

Wolfeboro Docks, October 25, 2014. Click to enlarge.
Photo courtesy of Anura Gurug

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