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Update for Friday, October 24, 2014: 100% Peak

The Merrimack Valley region is hanging onto quite a bit of color, despite heavy rains for much of the week. The leaves are at peak and beginning to head past peak, so now is the time to head for this region for the last real foliage show. In Amherst and Bedford, the oaks trees are hanging onto many pretty rust colored leaves. Route 101 between these two towns remains one of our leaf peeper’s favorite drives. Further north in the region, Concord and Canterbury are showing nice color still, with a few trees even fully covered in yellow or orange. Take a ride along the many back roads surrounding Canterbury center, where the pretty dirt roads are perfect for taking a slow Sunday cruise. Towns closer to the seacoast may also be a good bet for seeing some of those brighter reds and oranges, so try traveling Route 4 out of Concord or Route 101 from Manchester to make your way towards the coast.

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