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Update for Tuesday, September 30, 2014: 10% Peak

The trees in the Seacoast region are on a slow progression of color change. On many of the maples, you'll see one quadrant of the tree shading from yellow to red, with the rest of the leaves remain green. Take Route 87 from Epping to Newfields for a sampling of these two toned trees. You'll also find one completely changed tree standing right next to a tree that remains fully green. The individual colorful trees really stand out against the mostly-green backdrop, making for some stunning views. Traveling I-95 North and South, the marsh areas are in full color, while the trees along the roadside are just beginning to turn. Route 4 headed from Northwood out to Portsmouth continues to change nicely, with quite a bit of red and yellow to pick out as you make your journey to the coast.

Route 87, September 28, 2014. Click to enlarge.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Seacord.

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