Ten-Year New Hampshire Tourism Plan

The New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development is pleased to present the Ten-Year New Hampshire Tourism Plan. A great deal of work was put into this plan, with five key themes emerging: A Culture of Hospitality, Distinguish New Hampshire, Destination Infrastructure, Sustainable Tourism, and Funding of Tourism Promotion. 

Within this report we have outlined key strategy and action steps for each that we believe will help us to change with the times while still remaining competitive and authentic to what New Hampshire represents.  This document is intended to provide guidance for the Division of Travel and Tourism Development, other agencies and industry partners who will find it useful as part of their strategic planning.

In developing the Ten-Year New Hampshire Tourism Plan we reached out to over 350 individuals in a variety of forums, including the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, three public sessions, a session for government and industry stakeholders, multiple hospitality classrooms within New Hampshire colleges and universities and members of the Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism.
Additionally, we made use of web-based surveys, receiving 135 responses from both industry and student members.  We conducted research into the strategic plans of several other States which guided us in the structure of this final report and provided us with a check of best practices to ensure we were in sync with the broader concepts we found therein.   We also solicited conceptual thinking from tourism development expert, Roger A. Brooks, CEO of Destination Development.

There are many people we wish to thank for helping in the creation of the Ten-Year New Hampshire Tourism Plan - for a complete list, please see the Thank You Document.

Please use the links below to view the Ten-Year Plan and Thank You Document.

Ten-Year New Hampshire Tourism Plan
Thank You Document