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Out-of-State JPP
Forms and Documents

Additional FY17 Screening Committee Meeting
The Division of Travel and Tourism Development is pleased to announce an additional JPP Screening Committee meeting has been scheduled. The meeting to review the 5th round of grant applications will be held on May 16, 2017, should funding still be available. Applications for the May 16th JPP Committee meeting must be emailed to by 3:00pm on April 11, 2017.

The Joint Promotional Screening Committee has announced a new research evaluation process for JPP applicants that has been prepared by Dr. Mark Okrant of the Institute for New Hampshire Studies. These new evaluation tools will provide applicants and committee members a better understanding of existing programs and assist in development of new projects. Please view "Sample Evaluation Tools" in the "Forms and Documents" section for details. 

In-State JPP

The guidelines for in-state grant promotion are as follows:
  • At least 75% of your promotion has to take place in New Hampshire.
  • The minimum in-state grant shall be $2,000. The maximum in-state grant shall be $10,000 for any one fiscal year

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Out-of-State JPP

The guidelines for out-of-state grant promotion are as follows:

  • At least 75% of your promotion has to take place outside New Hampshire.
  • Organizations may apply for more than one out of state grant each fiscal year. The minimum out of state grant shall be $2,000. However, no single organization shall be approved for grants totaling more than 25% of the funds appropriated for any one fiscal year.

Forms and Documents

Program Introduction
Introduction letter about the state's Joint Promotional Program

Rules/State Laws
Administrative rules and state law for the state's Joint Promotional Program.
Guidelines: Clarification of FAQ's

Deadline and Meeting Dates Schedule 
Schedule for Fiscal Year 2017

Helpful Hints for JPP Applicants
JPP applicants will find these documents very helpful in preparing their applications.

Important Forms

  • Certification Form JPP-1
    Certification form (JPP-1) is used for establishing eligibility in the Joint Promotional Program.
  • Application Form JPP-2 
    Application form (JPP-2) is used for in-state and out-of-state promotional programs.
    General Instructions: This application consists of five sections, A through E.
    • Make sure all sections are completed. Follow the specific instructions given in each section and TYPE all information.
    • Email the completed application to the JPP Administrator (
    • The JPP Administrator will provided an email acknowledgement that will include either a notice of deficiency or a statement of completion. All items listed in the notice of deficiency must be corrected within 5 business days of the date of email acknowledgement.
    • Once a statement of completion is received, provide a hardcopy original along with 11 copies of the complete application including all attachments.
    • The original and 11 copies may be mailed or hand-delivered
    • The application MUST be received by 3 :00 p.m. of the deadline date at:
      Division of Travel and Tourism Development
    Vendor Registration Letter
    Vendor Registration Letter
    *Vendor registration is necessary for new organizations as part of the application process.
    501c sample for W-9
  • Invoice Form (JPP-3)
    The following forms must be used to submit all requests for reimbursement for your grant. 
    Invoice Instructions
    Sample Invoice 
    Invoice Form (Word Document)
    Invoice Form (Excel Document)
    -Instructions, Sample and Invoice form (JPP-3) are used for applicants who request reimbursement of funds for their approved grants.
  • Application Review Form (JPP-4)
    This form is used by the screening committee to evaluate the applicant's grant.
  • JPP Evaluation Report Form (JPP-5)
    This form MUST be used by all applicants.

Sample Evaluation Tools

The following sample evaluation tools and instructions are provided for research on FY16 JPP projects.
The following sample evaluation tools and instructions are provided for research on FY15 JPP projects.

JPP Marketing Efforts

The following report was prepared by Dr. Mark Okrant of The Institute for NH Studies, Plymouth State University:

Effectiveness of JPP Marketing Efforts FY2013

Electronic Formats and Links

Formats for the division's logo and links. 
Please visit the Logos page to download New Hampshire Logos.  

JPP-funded websites are required to provide a link to

Statistics on Promotional Projects
Listing of applicant's promotional in-state and out-of-state projects.

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