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Welcome to New Hampshire, the state that gave America its 14th president, its first astronaut, its oldest manmade attraction the Mount Washington Auto Road, The Old Farmer's Almanac, the spork (who knew?), Tupperware, the Segway, and the alarm clock. Oops—sorry about that last one!

Actually, New Hampshire is the kind of state that makes you want to wake up early and stay up late. This is where late-night-television king Jimmy Fallon proposed to his wife, after all, and it's also the rare place where deep, dark skies make stargazing optimal.

We're not even sure why we started adding manmade attractions, when we're naturally gifted with jagged mountains, lush river valleys, dense forests, crystalline lakes, ocean beaches, and offshore islands. Even our official New Hampshire state emblem, the Old Man of the Mountain, was a glacier-sculpted gift. Although the Old Man no longer watches over the Granite State, steel profilers offer today's travelers a glimpse of his stony, steady gaze. And New Hampshirites remain fiercely proud of all his symbol represents: resilience, strength, tradition, ingenuity, determination, respect for our natural surroundings, and a forward-looking attitude.

We're looking forward to showing you the best of New Hampshire ... by the heaping sporkful.

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