New Hampshire Seasons

New Hampshire celebrates its four seasons like nowhere else in the world. Winter, spring, summer, fall—each season brings its own fun activities and a message to savor life's cycles and phases.

Why do we have four seasons? The Earth tilts on its axis at an angle that remains constant throughout each annual 365-day trip around the sun. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're angled toward the sun in the summer, away in the winter. If you ask us, New Hampshire must be situated at just the right place on Earth to make the most of the sun's varying seasonal intensity.

Our summers never get too hot. We're reliably a winter wonderland December through March. Lingering snow may stall spring, but as it arrives, vivid lupines carpet our roadsides, and Earth's sweet abundance flows from our maple trees. And leaf peepers know that the display Mother Nature puts on in New Hampshire each autumn is the best show on Earth.

When is the best time to visit New Hampshire? Choosing a season can be as challenging as deciding which places to see. We hope you'll have the chance to experience all four. When skiers awake to find freshly fallen snow and splendid sunshine, they call it a "bluebird day." The color palette may change, but read more, and you'll see: Each New Hampshire season is filled with bluebird days.

Discover New Hampshire's Seasons: