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9 Strange, Dangerous & Wild Thrills

  • Kiteboarding and skiing on Mt. Washington

    1. Kiteboarding and skiing on Mt. Washington

    It's time learn from the best-at the International Mountain Climbing School in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For over 30 years they've been guiding folks and teaching them the skills to be safe and proficient in the mountains. Mount Washington is our training ground, home of the "World's Worst Weather."

  • Kitewinging on Lake Sunapee

    2. Kitewinging on Lake Sunapee

    Looking for a way to stay "on" the water this winter? The Kitewing can help. The Kitewing is a lightweight device that resembles a mini hang glider, allowing skiers to use the wind to travel over large, flat, open areas-like frozen Lake Sunapee. Think of it as a sustainable way to get your turns, without the expense and hassles of downhill skiing.

  • Buttsledding in the White Mountains

    3. Buttsledding in the White Mountains

    "Buttsleds" are ultra-tiny sleds that cover-you guessed it-pretty much just your tush. But what they lack in size, they more than make up for with sheer speed and absolute lack of control. A New Hampshire tradition, they've gained a cult-like following in recent years.

  • Skijoring in Bretton Woods

    4. Skijoring in Bretton Woods

    If you're a fan of cross-country skiing, wait until you try it as you're being pulled by a horse. This competitive event has roots that go back to long before the days of ski resorts and cozy fireside lodges. If it still sounds too easy for you, keep in mind that jumps can be added to the terrain. It all happens at Bretton Woods.

  • Skijumping in Hanover

    5. Skijumping in Hanover

    It's no secret that some of the best skiers in the nation-and the world-got their start in New Hampshire. So it should come as no surprise that the state offers some of the best ski jumping terrain anywhere-with massive ramps where you can reach speeds of 80 miles per hours before going airborne for several gravity-defying seconds. Get your start with the team at Dartmouth in Hannover.

  • Indoor Skydiving and Surfing in Nashua

    6. Indoor Skydiving and Surfing in Nashua

    SkyVenture New Hampshire is a new state of the art indoor vertical wind tunnel where your can experience the freedom of flight without stepping foot in a plane. There's no falling sensation-just the joy of floating above the trampoline floor with ease. The indoor vertical wind tunnel is not only used by the world's best skydivers to train in but it was also designed for the general public to experience the sport of body flight.

  • Noreaster Surfing in Hampton

    7. Noreaster Surfing in Hampton

    When most people batten down the hatches and stay inside by the fire, a few diehard surfers head out in Nor'easters to experience the biggest waves in the east. Frigid conditions, enormous waves and sudden snowsqualls only add to the thrill for these brave soles of Hampton and Rye Beach.

  • Backcountry skiing on Cardigan Mountain

    8. Backcountry skiing on Cardigan Mountain

    Who needs a chairlift when you've got two legs? That's the thinking when the state's most physically fit skies start the long hike up Cardigan Mountain. Hours later, they reach the peak, ready to create some fresh tracks in the powder-ducking in an out of the towering pine trees and catching air over rocky, snow-covered cliffs.

  • Ice Climbing in Crawford Notch State Park- Frankenstein Cliff

    9. Ice Climbing in Crawford Notch State Park- Frankenstein Cliff

    If the idea of climbing a frozen waterfall with an ice axe in both hands and three-inch spikes on your hard plastic boots sounds like a good time, you're in luck-Frankenstein Cliff has been attracting diehard ice climbers for the past 20 years. As the equipment has improved, the routes have grown more challenging-and more dangerous.

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