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Currency Exchange
Foreign currency and traveler's checks can be exchanged at most New Hampshire banks. ATMs (automated teller machines) are numerous throughout the state. Most belong to international networks so international visitors can access their funds from home.

While most non-U.S. driver's licenses are acceptable, it is best to bring an international driver's license. Children under 18 years of age must ride restrained by a seat belt or in a safety seat while traveling in a motor vehicle.

The speed limit on the interstate systems and turnpikes is 65 miles an hour (104 kilometers). Elsewhere limits range from 25-55 miles per hour (40-88 kilometers). You may turn right at stoplights after stopping unless otherwise noted.

Car Rental
Some rental companies require a foreign license and an international driver's license, which must be obtained before arriving in the U.S. Many car rental agencies require a lessee to be at least 25 years old.


110 volts, 60 cycles. Appliances made for other electrical systems will require a transformer or other adapter.

Gratuities and Taxes
In New Hampshire, gratuities for service personnel (wait staff, chambermaids, bellhops, etc.) are not usually included. While you should use your good judgment to compensate the service staff according to the service received, gratuities for food and beverage service are normally 15-20%; chambermaids $1 per room, per night, per person on stays over one night; bellhops $1 per bag.

If you love to shop, you're going to love New Hampshire, because shopping in New Hampshire is sales tax free. If you've shopped where sales taxes can add 5% to nearly 20%, you know what savings this can mean.

Please note, however, there is 8% tax on Rooms & Meals, i.e., on lodging stays of less than 90 days (including condominiums) and food served in a restaurant, or take-away food costing more than $1.

Climate and Dress
According to the U.S. Weather Bureau, the average monthly temperature in Concord is:

  • January: 21 degrees F, -6 degrees C
  • February: 23 degrees F, -5 degrees C
  • March: 32 degrees F, 0 degrees C
  • April: 44 degrees F, 7 degrees C
  • May: 56 degrees F, 13 degrees C
  • June: 65 degrees F, 18 degrees C
  • July: 70 degrees F, 21 degrees C
  • August: 67 degrees F, 19 degrees C
  • September: 60 degrees F, 16 degrees C
  • October: 49 degrees F, 9 degrees C
  • November: 38 degrees F, 3 degrees C
  • December: 25 degrees F, -4 degrees C

Average monthly precipitation is 3.2".

For the most part, dress in New Hampshire is casual, although some resorts and some restaurants may require jacket and tie for dinner. The weather, like that throughout New England, can be changeable. For instance, while summer days can be warm, if you're venturing into the mountains or out to sea, bring additional warm clothing to layer on as needed.

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