Foliage Tracker

Foliage Tracker

Beginning in mid-September you can check out our online foliage report, or call 1-800-258-3608 to check on where the colors are brightest. Check back soon for our new and improved interactive foliage tracker and read the tips below to best plan your leaf peeping adventure!  Remember, this is our busiest time of the year, so be sure to make lodging reservations early.

When is the Right Time to Visit?

Figuring out the perfect time to catch peak foliage in New Hampshire can be a bit of a leap of faith, but here are some suggestions and tendencies that may help you select the perfect time to see nature's fireworks.

First, about mid-September, mountaintops and the swamp maples in the lowlands turn a flaming red, though a few will have sent off a first volley of color in late August. Some years, days will pass with little change, then overnight all the trees seem to explode with color so beautiful you wonder if it can be real. Other years, the color builds steadily to crescendo, changing each day.

Weather plays an important part in the process, but with so many variables, no one can truly predict how brilliant the foliage will be in any given year. However, we can predict that from the end of September through the first week in October, you can usually expect peak color in the far northern part of the state, while it can be anticipated in the southern part of the state from the first week in October to mid-month.

Also, be sure to download our free mobile Fall foliage app for when you're on the go! Available for both the iPhone and Android, from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play / Android Marketplace.

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