Romantic New Hampshire Escapes

What are the essential elements of a romantic getaway? Candlelit dining? Pulse-quickening outdoor adventure? A couples massage at a tranquil spa? Handmade chocolates? Vineyard tours? An inn or resort with high-thread-count sheets, sumptuous breakfasts, and plenty of privacy? Dinner for two one of our amazing restaurants? New Hampshire can provide all of these romantic-escape ingredients, but it's your job to supply the one thing that's most essential: your sweetheart!

So, text him, call her, email, or shout so you'll be heard over the kids: "Honey, we need a romantic getaway in New Hampshire!" Who could say no to that? Then sit down together and browse through the romantic-getaway packages available at New Hampshire hotels and B&Bs, and you can book your escape in a heartbeat.