Weekend Getaways in New Hampshire

Want proof that New Hampshire is ideal for weekend getaways? One in 10 New Hampshire properties are second homes. That's right—tens of thousands of people choose New Hampshire as their perpetual weekend getaway. You can be right in the heart of New Hampshire in just over an hour's drive from Boston, and Interstate highways and even our convenient Manchester–Boston Regional Airport make New Hampshire an easy quick-getaway destination from anywhere in the U.S. Northeast or southeastern Canada.

New Hampshire's seashore, mountains, lakes, and cities offer a world of options for you to experience in 24 or 36 hours. And each season unlocks new activities. We created these weekend-getaway itineraries to give you a taste of the possibilities and inspire you to spend a weekend—or 52—exploring New Hampshire. Find weekend-getaway packages that make it a breeze to plan a romantic surprise or a last-minute trip, too.

Culture & History Tour
Spend a two-day weekend delving into four centuries of history, architecture, and art on this tour that begins in Portsmouth. Along the way, you'll meet characters who shaped not only New Hampshire but our nation as well. You'll also visit communities where traditions from the past are lovingly preserved.

Franco-American Heritage Tour
Many French Canadians left home in the latter half of the 19th century to work in New Hampshire's textile mills. Spend a Francophile weekend discovering what life was like for these immigrants and how their language, cuisine, and culture persist in former mill towns today.

Snowy Woods
Step out of your everyday routine and into a winter wonderland that's as storybook-perfect as any you'll see on a holiday card. The Monadnock Region makes a perfect home base for a weekend of photographing covered bridges, dining fireside, and cuddling up at an antiques-filled B&B after spying on birds in our snow-laden forests.