Outdoor Adventure in New Hampshire

Ask 100 people, "What’s your favorite outdoor adventure in New Hampshire?" and you could hear 100 different answers. The forces of nature have sculpted a landscape here that makes New Hampshire an ideal place for outdoor recreation. Our terrain will keep you entertained, whatever your passion and desired adrenaline level.

It would be easier to list the outdoor adventures you can't experience in New Hampshire (1. Alligator Wrestling), but let's explore the major outdoor sports and activities that bring visitors to the Granite State season after season:
  • Skiing and snowboarding. There's a reason that skiing is the official state sport of New Hampshire. Discover our diverse slopes, top-notch snowboarding parks, and miles and miles of cross-country trails.

  • Snowmobiling. Take off through the great white countryside this winter on a snowmobile. New Hampshire is the perfect place for first-timers to try this exhilarating outdoor adventure.

  • Dogsledding. You don't have to travel to Alaska to experience the rush of sledding behind a team of trained huskies and Siberians. New Hampshire's dogsledding outfitters offer unforgettable winter adventures for all ages.
  • Hiking and climbing. Every New Hampshire trail leads to something you don't see everyday, whether it angles up a mountain face or winds along a lakeshore where loons nest. Plus, there's a reason the International Mountain Climbing School is based in New Hampshire. Mountaineers even come to New Hampshire to climb ice.

  • Ziplining. Fly through the trees for aerial views that will leave you breathless. Ziplining courses are some of New Hampshire's most popular new adventures.

  • Biking. Bike from inn to inn along classic country roads, or head up into the same peaks skiers adore to mountain-bike on miles of rugged trails. Biking in New Hampshire gives you the freedom to explore under your own power.

  • ATVing. With 1,200 miles of ATV-accessible trails, New Hampshire is New England's headquarters for off-roading. Bring your own, or rent an OHRV (Off Highway Recreational Vehicle), and try this popular outdoor pursuit.

  • Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking. These two sports are a great way to literally “get your feet wet” and offer a unique way to explore the wilds of New Hampshire.  New Hampshire has several white water outfitters, all of which supply the needed gear, guides and instruction.

  • Horseback riding. Equestrian adventures abound in New Hampshire. Whether you book a guided trail ride, stay at an inn with stables, or explore state-park equestrian trails on your own, you'll find our state a horse lover's dream.

  • Kayaking and canoeing. Our ocean waves, vigorous rivers, and quiet lakes were all made for paddling. You're going to see kayaks and canoes strapped to the tops of cars everywhere you roam in New Hampshire, so why not join in the fun?

  • Guided adventures. If the options for outdoor adventure seem overwhelming, turn to New Hampshire's experienced guides and outfitters for direction. They offer instruction, gear, group trips, and individual itineraries to ensure that you make the most of your time in New Hampshire's great outdoors.

  • Hunting and fishing. The chase is on during New Hampshire's hunting and fishing seasons. As active outdoorsmen and women in the state know, New Hampshire is a pretty great place to hunt and fish even when your quarry is (momentarily) eluding you.

  • Minor-league sports. Root for our home teams! A day at the ballpark or on the sidelines is the perfect multigenerational activity under open skies.

  • Motorsports. You may know that New Hampshire is New England's NASCAR capital. If you're a racing fan, you'll also want to check the schedules at smaller speedways scattered statewide.

  • Golfing. With 90 courses available for public play, you can plan a remarkable golf odyssey in New Hampshire. Lakeside, mountain-view, and oceanfront courses will all tempt you.

  • Nature activities. Whether you're an avid birder or you want to cross spying a moose off your life list, New Hampshire's wildlife will mesmerize you. Visit a nature center, join a group outing, or set out on a lake cruise: If you bring binoculars and stay alert, chances are good you'll have a memorable sighting.

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