Agritourism in New Hampshire

For New Hampshire's farmers, agricultural tourism, or "agritourism," means survival; it's a trend that has enabled many to diversify their incomes and preserve the state's generations-old family farms. For travelers, the rapid ramp-up of agritourism attractions means that there's a whole lot of fun and deliciousness in store as you explore rural New Hampshire.

It makes us blush orange with pride that our state is home to Team American Chunker. These guys hold the world record for ... punkin chunkin. And you might get to see their pumpkin-shooting cannon at a New Hampshire fair or festival.

From farm stays to county fairs, bountiful farmers' markets to fields of pick-your-own berries, New Hampshire invites visitors to remember our nation's agricultural heritage, take part in the harvest, and celebrate all that grows and flourishes. Let's explore all the ways New Hampshire combines farming and fun:

Farmers' Markets. When you taste raw honey straight from the hive or heirloom tomatoes fresh from the vine, you appreciate nature's subtleties. Visit a New Hampshire farmers' market to sample and shop for produce and gourmet foods.

Agricultural Fairs & Festivals. From June through October, affordable family fun is in store at fairs and festivals all across New Hampshire.

Wineries. Meet fruit growers, vintners, and academics who have proven that New Hampshire can cultivate the grapes needed to formulate exceptional wines on a scenic tour of vineyards in the state.

Pick-Your-Own. When you invest the time in hand-selecting each ripe berry or scouring the patch for the perfect pumpkin, desserts taste that much sweeter. Find farms in New Hampshire where you'll love laboring in the fields.

Christmas-Tree Farms. Bring home a fresh evergreen from the Granite State, where we've even invented our own breed of Christmas tree.

For more information about agriculture in New Hampshire and where to find local products, be sure to visit the NH Department of Agriculture. You can also download their Agritourism directories below: