Harrisville Designs Inc.

69 Main St.
PO Box 806
Harrisville, NH 03450
Phone: 603-827-3333209

Nestled into the Monadnock Highlands of New Hampshire is the tiny brick mill village of Harrisville, where yarn has been spun since 1794. It is the only industrial community of the early 19th century, in America, that still survives in its original form. In 1977, the Department of Interior designated Harrisville a National Historic Landmark. The last woolen mill in Harrisville closed in 1970 when the fashion world turned, temporarily, to synthetic double-knit fabrics. We established Harrisville Designs in 1971, with a goal of preserving the textile heritage and economic vitality that had sustained the village for almost two hundred years. Beginning with a line of high quality woolen handweaving and knitting yarns, we soon branched out into handweaving looms and equipment. In the late 1980’s, we developed the first of our Friendly Loom™ Products to introduce children to the joys of working with their hands. Harrisville Designs is a small, family owned and operated business, and we believe that quality should not be compromised for even the smallest product. There is a great tradition of textiles in our community and we are happy to share that tradition with you.


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