Extreme Mount Washington

Mount Washington State Park
Mount Washington, NH 03589
Phone: 603-356-2137
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More than a quarter million people visit the summit of Mount Washington each summer by car, train, or foot. But in winter, sub-zero temperatures, hurricane-force winds, blowing snow and incredible ice claim the peak, creating an arctic outpost in a temperate climate zone. Known as the Home of the World's Worst Weather, Mount Washington's winter conditions rival those of Mount Everest and the Polar regions. This remarkable, otherworldly landscape is completely inaccessible to all but the most experience winter mountaineers... until now. Mount Washington Observatory's newest educational offering, Extreme Mount Washington, opening in May 2014, delivers the science and excitement of a Mount Washington winter to summer visitors of all ages through high-tech, hands on exhibits. Learn how rime ice forms, pilot a snowcat, see how Mount Washington Observatory scientists observe and record the infamous conditions and more. Get a taste for life in the alpine zone, no ice axes required!


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