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November 28, 2015

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November 30, 2015

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NH Primary Stories: A Three-Part Series

6:00 PM - Manchester

In conjunction with the New Hampshire Democratic Party, the Institute will host a three-part series featuring a moderated panel discussion with former New Hampshire Democratic Party chairs who will share their experiences as past state chairs and highly engaged leaders in past presidential campaigns. Current New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley will serve as moderator. The first program will feature Ambassador George Bruno, who served as chair from 1983-1987, Joe Grandmaison, who served from 1987-1990, and Joe Keefe, who served from 1994-1996. The second program will feature Chris Spirou, who served as chair from 1991-1994, Senator Jeff Woodburn, who served from 1997-1999, and Kathy Sullivan, who served from 1999-2007. The third and final program will feature Ned Helms, who served as chair from 1990-1991 and Michael King, who served as chair from 1996-1997.

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