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February 09, 2016

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Wild & Scenic Film Festival

7:00 PM - Plymouth

The PSU Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES) and many other supporters host a night of films selected from the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Entries in the festival combine stellar film making, beautiful cinematography and first-rate storytelling to inform, inspire and ignite solutions to restore the earth. The event will include adventure films, poignant works about environmental challenges, and humorous takes on important issues. The festival is a natural extension of all of our sponsors’ work to inspire people to act on behalf of the environment

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February 11, 2016

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Silent Film: Flesh and the Devil

6:30 PM - Plymouth

Silent film with live musical accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis. Just in time for Valentine's Day, John Gilbert and Greta Garbo star in one of the great romantic dramas of the silent screen era. Set in an impossibly idealized Europe, two aristocrats discover each other and there's no turning back. The erotically charged romantic scenes was enhanced by a torrid real-life affair the stars were having at the time.

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February 13, 2016

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6th Annual Dinner Dance & Raffle Night

5:30 PM - Berlin


Dinner, Dancing, Band and variety of items raffled off throughout the night at White Mountain Chalet in Berlin.

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Great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Races

10:00 AM -

The Great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Race will allow you to return to the fun of the bygone era and re-live the fun many of us had there. A four race series, sponsored by the premiere clubs in the state will be held again this winter and they are waiting for you to dust off that '74 single or twin fan cooled relic sleeping in the corner of your garage and join in the fun! 2016 schedule: 1/23: Groveton, 2/13: Lisbon, 2/27: Errol, 3/12: Pittburg.

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