History & Culture in New Hampshire

Your first New Hampshire history lesson begins the moment you cross the state line and see one of our "Live Free or Die" signs. Our state motto isn't just some catchy marketing phrase. Those bold words were penned by New Hampshire's first hero, General John Stark, in a toast to comrades who'd risked their lives at the American Revolution's pivotal Battle of Bennington. More than 200 years later, those four gutsy words still define New Hampshire's character and intrigue visitors.

Throughout the state, historic institutions and organizations endeavor to preserve a culture that is distinctly our own. In New Hampshire, the spirit of independence never waivers. And when you visit attractions where our past comes to life, you'll understand New Hampshire's place in American history.

Historic Sites & Societies: How seriously proud are we of New Hampshire's history? The number of historical societies and historic sites in the state will boggle your mind.

Historic State Parks: Many of New Hampshire's landmark buildings and monuments are now state-run parks, where you can delve into history affordably.

Cultural and Historical Itineraries:
Whether you’re a history buff, an arts lover, or a shutterbug, these itineraries are jumping-off points for understanding what makes New Hampshire tick.