Northern Forest Heritage Park

942 Main St.
Berlin, NH 03570
Phone: 603-752-7202
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The Androscoggin River flows through Berlin, NH, after travelling southward from Lake Umbagog and the Great North Woods. By the middle of the 19th century entrepreneurs were being drawn to the Berlin area because of the tremendous water power produced by the Androscoggin. It is in Berlin that the river drops 200 feet in less than three miles. Perhaps the most noticeable of these far-sighted entrepreneurs was William Wentworth Brown, who bought the H. W. Winslow Company sawmill in 1868. He quickly realized that his lumber business could best be served by acquiring forest lands upriver from Berlin, where trees could be harvested and replanted, while using the river as a delivery route for the logs to his sawmill. Brown was a pioneer in the development of sustainable forestry. The Northern Forest Heritage Park is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the rich heritage of the Northern White Mountains and to share it with visitors and generations to come. The park will preserve, interpret and celebrate the history of the working forest; convey its importance to this region and the nation and honor the multicultural heritage of the Northern White Mountains.


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