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Whales arcing over ocean waves...a deer poised by an apple tree, ready to take flight...a bear snuffling at the base of a tree, looking for an edible morsel...river otters cavorting in a mountain stream... These are what, with a bit of luck and patience, you'll experience when you explore New Hampshire's great outdoors.

Wildlife is one of New Hampshire's greatest natural resources. More than 300 species of vertebrates-fish, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians-live here. An additional 120 species occur as migrants-but numbers can't express the magic of seeing an animal in its natural habitat.

You never know when you might encounter wildlife...during a walk in the woods, a canoe trip down a river, or a drive through the countryside. There are other ways to meet New Hampshire's wildlife, as well. Some of these are listed below or for more information, visit the Wildlife section of the New Hampshire Fish & Game website.

Get started watching wildlife with these tips from New Hampshire's watchable wildlife coordinator. Learn how to find, observe and photograph critters safely and with minimum impact.

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