White Mountain National Forest

71 White Mountain Drive
Campton, NH 03223
Phone: 603-536-6100
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In the decades prior to 1911, unregulated logging by private timber companies in the White Mountains had resulted in a damaged landscape susceptible to both fire & flood. Fires had burned thousands of acres, & flash floods affected the water power necessary to the mills of major industrial centers downstream, such as Manchester, NH & Lowell, MA. Concerns over losses to industry, business, & tourism, & the growing conservation movement, led to citizen action. After years of lobbying & intense public pressure, Senator John Weeks introduced legislation that became known as the Weeks Act. The Weeks Act was passed by Congress in 1911, appropriating funds to purchase lands in the Eastern U.S. In turn, this led to the creation of the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) in 1918. Many of the groups who were instrumental to the passage of the Weeks Act, including the SPNHF and the AMC, are still active today, and the WMNF has grown from 7,000 ac to almost 800,000. Today, the reforested mountains & hillsides supply forest products & provide magnificent recreational opportunities while maintaining healthy watersheds and ecosystems. Enjoy your visit to the "Peoples Forest".


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