New Hampshire SCENIC DRIVES and Rides

In New Hampshire, watching the world go by is an action sport. From saltwater-slicked sands to sheer cliffs, glassy lakes to frothy waterfalls, rustic barns to gracefully levitating covered bridges, scenic surprises lie around every curve and bend. How will you take them all in? Road tripping in your own car is optimal, but you can also sightsee in nostalgic ways.

Scenic Train Rides. New Hampshire is home to vintage trains that click-clack along tracks and provide access to scenes only rail passengers see.

Sleigh Rides. Sturdy horses churn up white fluff, as they treat blanket-snuggled sleigh riders to fairytale winter outings.

Scenic Drives. The roads crisscrossing every New Hampshire region offer the freedom to design your own day trips. Here in New Hampshire, our highways and byways don't just go from here to there. They cut through the White Mountains, trace New England's most powerful rivers, meander through timeless villages, climb New England's highest mountain, and lead to family-friendly roadside attractions.

More than 1,000 miles in New Hampshire are designated as scenic and cultural byways. Whether your ride is a motorcycle or a minivan, these driving tour guides will help you choose a direction for your next carefree day on the road in New Hampshire:

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee. Spend a half-day or longer driving the Sunapee Loop and you'll see one of the most photogenic town greens in America.

Monadnock Region. Drive the Monadnock Region Loop to explore quintessentially New England towns.

Merrimack Valley. Choose from 10 scenic drives and byways in this historic region.

Lakes Region. The Lakes Loop circles Lake Winnipesaukee, the perfect introduction to this vacationland.

Seacoast. Along a shoreline drive in coastal New Hampshire, you’ll experience both the region’s Colonial history and its scenic beauty.

White Mountains. Driving in the White Mountains feels like filming a car commercial. Choose from five driving tours; the Kancamagus Highway, a national scenic byway, is the granddaddy of them all.

Great North Woods. It sometimes feels as though the moose outnumber the motorists in this ultimate region for scenic driving.

Connecticut River Scenic Byway. One of three national scenic byways in New Hampshire, this drive along the banks of the river that defines our state's western border will take you to historic sites, farms, tiny towns, and natural wonders. Connecticut River Byway Brochure