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5 Best Kept Swimming Hole Secrets

Here’s The Scoop on 5 of the Best Swimming Holes in NH

This summer, why not dip your toes in some of the best secret swimming holes hidden around the state? While the major waterways are popular for good reason, sometimes it’s beneficial to venture off the beaten path and find those lesser known spots that really shine. Check out these five hidden swimming holes which boast bubbling waterfalls, swirling waters, and surprisingly refreshing adventure!

Swimming hole at Franconia Falls


A short, easy hike through the woods will lead you to Franconia Falls, where rushing waters create natural waterslides and smooth rocks make for a perfect picnic spot.

3 people swimming in the water at Ashuelot River


Explore “The Deep Hole,” in the Ashuelot River, located just downstream of the historic Stone Arch Bridge —an architectural gem listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This stunningly deep gorge offers cool, refreshing waters for swimmers to dip into on a hot summer day.

Man taking a photo of the water at Ammonoosuc River


The Ammonoosuc River runs through New Hampshire’s White Mountains for 55 miles, offering swimmers plenty of scenic spots to dip their toes into some clear waters. Find a smooth rock to relax on and enjoy a summer picnic before stepping into the river!

Man jumping off a short cliff into the water at Horseshoe Falls


Located just off of Route 101 in Wilton is an exhilarating secret spot, where adventurous swimmers dive into the deep waters of the Souhegan River from towering rock ledges.  Don’t worry if heights aren’t your thing, though. There are plenty of ways to descend into these memorable waters at your own graceful pace.

Image of swimming hole at Emerald Pool


A relatively short hike will lead you to this crown jewel, where crystal waters pool between towering boulders and a gentle waterfall feeds fresh waters into the stone basin. Dip your toes in the water or simply enjoy a picnic on the nearby sun-soaked rocks.

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