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Snacks to Pack for your NH Road Trip

Let’s face it, there’s just something about a road trip that screams snacks. Salty, savory, or sweet, the more options for munchies the better! What should you pack? Glad you asked! We’ve rounded up a must have list of NH made treats sure to keep your energy up and your stomach satisfied on your travels around the state.

Handcrafted in the state’s capital city of Concord, ChrisMix is a chocolate toffee with just the right blend of sweet and salty. Not sure what else we need to say, except that it comes in 10 different varieties and is flavored with locally sourced organic extracts.

Granola Munch
Talk about a snack that was made for the road, Me & Ollie’s Granola Munch fits the bill! These sweet and salty crunchy clusters are gluten free and baked in small batches at the family bakery in Portsmouth. Be warned, once you start munching, it’s hard to stop!

Hope Bars
Locally crafted in Brookline these artisan bars are made in small batches with popped quinoa. Think of Hope Bars as krispy treats but healthy. After all they’re free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars. There’s six flavors to pick from including Dark Chocolate Cherry and Antioxidant Blueberry.

Jack’s Crackers
Crackers are a road trip essential but not just any cracker, we’re talking about Jack’s Crackers. This Keene company believes crackers are a lot like life, it may be simple but it doesn’t have to be boring. Their custom crackers range on the flavor spectrum from mild to wild and pair well with just about everything.

Mill Fudge Factory
Indulge your sweet tooth on this road trip when you sink your teeth into artisan-quality fudge handcrafted in Bristol. Mill Fudge Factory’s award winning gourmet fudge is made in small batches with only fresh natural ingredients.

Port City Pretzels
Talk about tasty! Port City Pretzels has taken their snacks to a whole new level. These crunchy twists, made in Portsmouth, boast flavors such as Feisty Hot, Cinnamon Sugar, Ranch Dill, and Tangy Mustard ‘N Honey. Irresistibly seasoned to satisfy just about everyone’s tastes!

These NH Made products can all be bought online prior to leaving home, but most are available at specialty shops and locations around state so you can always resupply once you arrive.

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