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Keys to Considerate Travel in New Hampshire

There’s nothing like a good getaway — exploring new places and experiencing unforgettable adventures with family and friends. But getting to enjoy everything New Hampshire has to offer means we all need to keep doing our part to preserve and protect nature, wildlife and the attractions we visit, as well as the health and safety of one another. Here are some ways you can do just that as you travel across the “live free” state and Discover Your New.

Plan Ahead

From weather to pandemic-related circumstances, there are many factors that can affect your trip to New Hampshire. We recommend planning ahead with trip ideas catered to the season you’re traveling in, and researching the places you plan to visit, where you want to stay and being aware of any travel restrictions before you come.

Be Acceptant

Rules and regulations are put in place for everyone’s health and well-being, as well as to protect parks, facilities, attractions and the outdoors. We request that you be understanding and flexible, as things may change from time to time.

Be Respectful

We warmly welcome visitors to make memories in the Granite State. All we ask is that each and every traveler respect people, property and the environment while here.

Leave No Trace

Whether you’re out hiking or enjoying one of the many other activities available to you here, it’s important to leave everything exactly as you find it. Please refrain from actions that may alter your surroundings in any way.

Properly Dispose of Waste

As part of the “leave no trace” principles, anything you bring with you while out and about in New Hampshire should leave with you. This applies to everything from food waste — such as apple cores and banana peels — to toilet paper and personal waste. If there are no facilities available for relieving oneself, doing so at least 200 feet from trails and water sources is essential.

Respect Wildlife

Birdwatching from the water, crossing paths with a turtle on a trail or catching a glimpse of a moose are just a few of the wildlife experiences to be had in New Hampshire. As you immerse yourself in nature here, it’s vital to keep noise levels down, maintain a safe distance and avoid feeding wildlife.

Leave What You Find

While exploring the outdoors in New Hampshire, leave all natural elements, such as stones, sand and sticks, where you find them, and take nothing but your memories. From state park shops and antique stores to outlets and small businesses, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to purchase tax-free souvenirs to bring home.

Be Considerate of Residents and Visitors

During your stay here, please be kind and respectful toward fellow visitors, as well as the communities, employees and local residents who call New Hampshire home.