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Mountain Biking Trails to Try

9 New Hampshire Mountain Biking Trails to Try This Summer

Carving through New Hampshire’s ruggedly beautiful wilderness is a network of mountain biking trails, offering outdoor enthusiasts yet another exciting way to explore the Granite State. Whether you’re looking to hit the trails in hopes of a high-flying, joy-riding adventure—we’ve got you covered. Or if you prefer those long, flat stretches of trail that allow you to ride at a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenery—we’ve got that too. Divided by level of difficulty as outlined by the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA), here are 9 trails worth checking out this summer!

map of 9 New Hampshire mountain biking trails

Beaver Brook, Hollis

The trails winding through the 2,000 acres at Beaver Brook lend well to bikers of all skills, but beginners will especially appreciate the wider double tracks and mostly smooth riding. Advanced mountain bikers can challenge the rockier single track paths tucked away at Beaver Brook, making this a perfect spot for riders of any skill level.

Kingman Farm, Madbury

All levels of riders will enjoy the fun, well-maintained trails at Kingman Farm—which doubles as a training location for the University of New Hampshire’s mountain biking team. While the trail system is mostly mild, even advanced riders can push themselves and take advantage of the single track trails to work up a sweat. But beginners will surely appreciate the rest of the gentle paths, scenic views, and collection of diverse trails to explore.

Moose Brook State Park, Gorham

Spanning 87 acres, Moose Brook State Park offers plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. The Peabody and Moose Rivers flow through the property, providing excellent fishing opportunities and a host of waterside picnic spots. Plus, in addition to a handful of excellent single track trails and scenic dirt roads to conquer, the park also boasts a popular campground with 59 sites—so you can extend your biking adventure through the weekend and recover from all that pedaling amongst spectacular scenery.

Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown

As New Hampshire’s largest developed state park, it’s no surprise that Bear Brook has been recognized by as the “hands down” best place to ride in the state. With over 40 miles of mountain biking trails to conquer, novices and experts alike will rejoice at the chance to challenge such an expanse of varying trail types. Riders can expect both double and single track paths winding through scenic woods that are littered with the remnants of an old town, including stone foundations, cemeteries, chimneys, dams, and other cool structures. But don’t stop at riding—make a weekend out of it and book a campsite at Bear Brook State Park to keep the good times rolling.

Eastside Trail Network, North Conway

Adventurous mountain bikers will delight in the Eastside Trail Network, which features fast-paced, exhilarating runs over single tracks which conquer wooden bridges, swooping turns, and thrilling descents. Beginner and intermediate riders can also enjoy the network, minding a slower pace. The trails offer bikers amazing views along the way and visits to historical and archaeological sites. You can access the trail head at the end of Hemlock Lane, just past the roundabout.

Drummer Hill & Goose Pond, Keene

At Drummer Hill, intermediate and expert riders can challenge Keene’s most extensive single track destination. You might expect to get a little muddy at Goose Pond…but a refreshing dip in the waters will clean you off. Though of course, you might find yourself muddy again by the time you return to civilization. Beginners can enjoy 13 miles of unimproved double track trails, just keep in mind these trails may not deliver the smoothest terrain.

Franklin Falls Dam, Franklin

Hate the bump and grind of riding over jagged rocks and unstable terrain? Then you’ll appreciate the uncharacteristically smooth trails at Franklin Falls Dam. Despite its smooth terrain, the moderate/advanced rider will still find plenty of challenging terrain if they put the effort in! The best part? The signature trail here “Mighty Chicken,” has an all-natural halfpipe.

Fort Rock, Exeter & Newfields

At Fort Rock, riders will be constantly faced with obstacles, be they rocks or roots, particularly at Oakland Hills (the land is separated by Route 101, with the adjacent Henderson-Swasey playing host to Fort Rock’s easier riding). First timers to Fort Rock, though, should be aware: It’s not hard to get lost here. NEMBA recommends bringing a map along for the ride. Failing that, should you find yourself lost, listen for the traffic of Route 101.

Highland Mountain Bike Park, Northfield

Highland Mountain Bike Park is an adventurous rider’s paradise. The extensive network of mountain trails carve through the woods, featuring tons of man-made twists and turns, jumps, obstacles, and more adrenaline-filled challenges for the brave. Plus, the park also offers an indoor training center complete with a foam pit, resi ramp, jump parks, and more so you can test out your limits in a safe environment. Opt for a trail lesson if you’re looking to improve your skills, or simply hit the trails if you’re confident in your abilities.

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