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New Hampshire Corn Mazes

It’s autumn in New Hampshire, that means time to pull out the flannels, grab your sense of adventure and get lost in a corn maze. As a treasured tradition in the state, farmers all across the state go all out when it comes to these intricate labyrinths. So, what do you say? Corral the crew and head to one of this year’s uniquely designed mazes.

Beans & Greens Farm, Gilford

This multi-acre corn maze consists of miles of twists, turns, loops, dead ends, open squares, and bridges too.  Explore the maze during the day, or for those looking to put a spooky twist on this seasonal tradition, try the haunted experience on weekend nights.  The maze is open mid-September through Halloween, weather permitting.

Beech Hill Farm, Hopkinton

Visitors to Beech Hill Farm this fall will be amazed with two different mazes each with its own unique theme and challenge. This year’s themes are “Rainforest Jumble” and “Amazing US Jeopardy.” Maze-goers search for signs with clues in a scavenger hunt style. Complete the puzzles to help navigate through. The mazes are open daily August 1st through October 31. Fun fact: the corn mazes are cut when the season is done, and the corn is used to feed their cattle all winter long!

Collins Farm, Bath

A 13-acre maze awaits visitors this fall at Collins Farm.  The challenge for guests is to conquer the maze by finding 12 hidden points: 6 checkpoints, 5 trivia answers and 1 Easter Egg bonus sign. Follow the map to track where you are, where you’ve been and to avoid getting lost! This year’s design is Viking-themed and features a Viking ship, a crow, Thor’s hammer and Odin, a God or Norse mythology. For a Halloween fright, try the haunted flashlight maze held in October. Open mid-August through October 30th.

Coppal House Farm, Lee
Embark on an adventure as you explore the maze this fall at Coppal House Farm. This year’s maze is all about the Brown Bat. Search for bat trivia questions hidden among the 5-acres of twists and turns. Answer the questions correctly to determine which path you should take to make your way through. The maze is open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and weekends from September 2nd through October 29th. If you’re up for it, consider trying the maze at night when you navigate by flashlight.

Moulton Farm, Meredith
This year’s maze at Moulton Farm pays homage to everyone’s favorite summertime treat: ice cream!  The design depicts a giant ice cream cone complete with scoops of ice cream. The theme celebrates the farm’s ice cream stand and food truck launch earlier this year. Inside the maze visitors will find a fun quiz to solve and help find their way through. The maze opens Saturday, September 23rd and will be open 7 days a week starting at 8 am.

Sherman Farm, East Conway
Explore the intricate labyrinth of cornstalks this fall at Sherman Farm. The theme of this 10-acre maze is focused on Community Roots, so it’s only fitting that it was designed by local students. Look for corny riddles, a farm scene investigation and a scavenger hunt hidden throughout the maze.  The maze is open weekends September 23rd through October 29th.

Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard, Greenville
Head to Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard and explore the nearly mile-long network of paths that make up this year’s maze. The maze is about 5 acres in size. It’s updated every year to include new twists and turns, squares and dead ends that keeps visitors guessing how to get through.  Fun farm fact: staff hand-pull each cornstalk when the corn is short to make the paths through. In total more than 25,000 stalks are pulled!  Staff also work to maintain the path to be able to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers. The maze is open September 2 through Halloween.

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