Culinary Inspiration from NH Experts

If you’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen the past few months due to the pandemic, you’re not alone.  Perhaps you’re feeling like your home cooked meals could use a little creative enhancement? Or maybe you’re looking for a refreshing new cocktail to enjoy during the summer months?  You could even try your hand at recreating a dish from one of your favorite restaurants! We reached out to New Hampshire’s professional chefs and mixologists for a little advice on how to spice up your at home dining and drinking experiences.

The Common Man's Alex Ray's Mac 'N Cheese:

Alex Ray of New Hampshire's The Common Man restaurants shares his recipe for delectable homemade mac n' cheese. Follow along with the recipe and make your own with some New Hampshire flair, Common Man style.

The Friendly Toast's Chip Miller's Chicken & Waffles:

Chip Miller of the Friendly Toast shares his recipe for one of their new menu items: Chicken & Waffles. Try to make your own at home, or head to the Friendly Toast and try it out there.

Stonehurst Manor’s Mixologist Michael Rego:

Catch up with Stonehurst Manor Mixologist Michael Rego who shares recipes for Seven Simple and Delicious Drinks in this free online class.