Farmers Markets

When farmers and artisans convene on town greens, in country parks, on church lawns, or at a historic train depot or fire station, it's not just an opportunity to shop for local products cultivated and created in New Hampshire. It's a social event. New Hampshire has dozens of farmers' markets, where live music and lively chatter about growing and cooking are part of the experience. Shop for gourmet delights and fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, sample baked goods, select one-of-a-kind souvenirs; a farmers' market will entertain your entire family.  Be sure to click here to download the NH Department of Agriculture's complete list of Farmers' Markets.

And in the colder months, when the ground is solid and New Hampshire farmers are planning next year's growing strategies, winter farmers' market throughout the state keep fresh food on plates and continue the weekly ritual of celebrating abundance and local flavor.