Pick Your Own

When you pick your own fruits, flowers, or vegetables at New Hampshire farms, four things will happen: You'll stretch and bend and get in a healthy workout in the fresh air; you'll taste real food that's as fresh as it can possibly be; you'll bond with your family; and you'll have fun! Oh, wait, there's one more thing. You'll help New Hampshire farms, as they strive to preserve lands and an agricultural way of life. Click here to download the NH Department of Agriculture's guide to Harvest Your Own Farms in New Hampshire. 

As summer yields to fall, New Hampshire's orchards bear peaches, apples, and pears, and picking your own bushel or peck is an invigorating way to spend an hour or more. Pack a picnic to enjoy in the shade of a gnarly, fruit-laden tree when your labors are done. Many farms in the New Hampshire Fruit Growers' pick-your-own guide offer add-on activities such as pumpkin picking, press-your-own cider, and hayrides.

Be sure to consult this peak of harvest guide to plan your trip- it will tell you what's growing at different times of the year!