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American Independence Byway

A 21-mile scenic loop through NH’s four original towns.

Length: 21 miles
Communities: Exeter, Hampton Falls, Hampton, Kensington
Highlights: Classic New England Villages, Colonial architecture, sweeping ocean views, fresh seafood, apple orchards, farmers markets, and the American Independence Museum, where you’ll see one of the three original Purple Hearts awarded during the American Revolution as an original Dunlap Broadside copy of the Declaration of Independence.

The American Independence Byway is a State Scenic & Cultural Byway that winds through the heart of two of New Hampshire’s four original towns -- Exeter (1638) and Hampton (1639) - and two of the smaller towns that were later divided from them—Hampton Falls and Kensington. The 21 mile roadway loop, which takes about 1 hour to drive, affords sweeping views of fields and woodlands, marshes and the Atlantic Ocean; as well as a sampling of life and architecture from colonial days to the present at every turn.

Whether you’re a history buff or nature lover, enjoy expling unique ships and restaurants, or are simply looking to experience the quintessential beauty of a New England autumn, the American Independence Byway will draw you in!