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White Mountain Scenic Drives

Rugged mountain scenery, historic notches, and roadside waterfalls await you.

A Multi-Notch Mountain Ride

(Approx. 142 miles)

This loop has several variations. From Conway, turn west on Rt. 112, the Kancamagus Highway (locals call it the Kanc), which offers 34.5 miles of stunning mountain scenery through the White Mountain National Forest. In Lincoln, you can either turn north onto I-93 through Franconia Notch State Park and its soaring mountain peaks, then onto Rt. 3 to Twin Mountain and the junction with Rt. 302 or you can continue west on Rt. 112 through Kinsman Notch to Rt. 302, which heads to Bath, Lisbon, Littleton, Bethlehem, Twin Mountain and Bretton Woods, home of the Mount Washington Hotel. Rt. 302 continues east through Crawford Notch and past some of the most spectacular scenery in the East. In Bartlett, you can turn south on Bear Notch Road, a seasonal road that connects to the Kancamagus Highway west of Conway; or you can join Rt. 16 in Glen and follow it back to your starting point in Conway. If you turn north on Rt. 16 in Glen, you'll go through Pinkham Notch, past the Mt. Washington Auto Road, to Gorham and the Great North Woods Ride.