Haunted Adventures

Is Halloween a vital part of your bag of tricks? New Hampshire hosts plenty of spectacularly spooky attractions bound to make you jump, perhaps even scream. Gather your courage and put on your brave face...you're going to need it!

Fright Kingdom
12 Simon Street, Nashua
603-809-1173 / frightkingdom.com
Nashua is home to the largest indoor haunted attraction in New England! The 65,000-square foot Fright Kingdom boasts a variety of seriously scary attractions including "Apocalypse Z", "Grim", "Bloodmare Manor" and "Abandoned". The unique level of detail with movie quality sets, costumes and makeup, make this attraction terrifically terrifying.

The Ghoullog
1 Skimobile Road, North Conway
603-356-5544 / theghoullog.com
Enter another season of the Ghoullog at Cranmore this fall. The approximate 50 minute haunt features over 15,000 square feet of indoor space through a series of dark rooms, scary mazes and unknown places, plus an outdoor element which leads the unsuspecting through the dark woods with all of the scares and screams you've come to expect. Will you be able to make it out of the Ghoullog unharmed? Dare to go for a ride in the Haunted Playground, featuring the Mountain Coaster, Giant Swing and Soaring Eagle Zip Line all in unique night-time lighting, the occasional ghost or ghoul offer a unique night-time experience with special lighting, effects.

Harvest of Haunts
774 High Street, Candia
603-483-5623 / visitthefarm.com
Charmingfare Farm pulls out all the stops with their four haunting attractions, but will you survive the harvesting? Travel down dark and twisting roads into even darker woods on the Wagon of Fear. Watch your head as you enter the Barn of the Dead, and hope that none of the farm tools fall down on you. Hop aboard the tractor for a Ride into the Bog, or take your chances in the Infested Corn Field.

Haunted Overload
66 Lee Road, Lee
603-868-2111 / hauntedoverload.com
Journey (if you dare) into the last standing remains of an old farming village. Dark things once happened there, so dark that no one wants to remember the village even existed. Located at Demeritt Hill Farm, Haunted Overload offers a uniquely terrifying experience through the handmade sets, gigantic monsters and original costumes combines with spooky light and sound effects. Venture into the haunted woods to explore the remnants of what was once a normal village, but beware, some things may have never left.

Nightmare New England
454 Charles Bancroft Highway (Rt 3A), Litchfield
603-424-7999 / nightmarenewengland.com
Presented by Spookyworld, Nightmare New England is the largest haunted destination in the Northeast and not for the faint at heart. Located at Mel’s Funway Park, it’s home to five separate attractions, all equally guaranteed to make you scream. Beyond the thrills and chills there’s also zombie paintball, go-karts, mini-golf, carnival concessions, batting cages, tarot card readers and fire pits.

85 N. Policy Street, Salem
603-893-3506 / canobie.com
Looking for a fearfully fun time? Canobie lake Park transforms into a howling haunt of spooky attractions guaranteed to provide a ScreeemFest. Venture into "The Village" or "Facility 235", investigate "The Culling", take a tour of "The Canobie Lake Hotel" or check out "Carnivous" if you dare! Regular rides are open and there will be plenty of live entertainment too.