Ready to Surf

5 Signs You're Ready to Start Surfing

Better have your pen handy because you may just be crossing surfing off your bucket list this summer. Sure, trying to tame the vast and powerful sea while standing upon a floating board may seem intimidating. But here are five signs you should go ahead, get amped and try riding those waves.
  1. You love the Atlantic Ocean. Brisk, salty seawater, rocks underfoot, or the occasional unidentified brush up against your leg doesn’t phase you. You’ve been splashing in hearty New England seas since you were little.

  2. You can swim. Your name may not be Michael Phelps, but you’re a strong enough swimmer to hold your own against the strength of the surf.

  3. You’re tenacious. The long process of learning to balance on your board is riddled with wipe outs. If you can embrace it, wipe yourself off and try again, you’ll be riding those waves before you know it.

  4. You play by the rules. Like most sports, there are rules. In surfing, the surfer closest to the curl (where the wave is starting to break) has priority. If you can learn and abide by the surfing code and know when to say “my bad” you’re good to go.

  5. You’re chill. You’re not out to become a pro surfer, nor are you “in it to win it.” No question, surfing requires the skill of being chill. If you can smile as you learn to surf, you’re sure gonna make some wicked awesome memories this summer.
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