Foliage Reports

Foliage Report for Friday, October 20, 2017

Great North Woods Region
Color in the Great North Woods has definitely headed past peak.  You’ll still see the remains of some foliage mixed in among the bare trees, but it’s more muted and rusty toned these days.  The bright side to the leaf drop is the views- with clear cuts through the trees, the views are wide open and framed by the trees with a bit of remaining color as well as the dark evergreens.  The sides of roads are covered in piles of orange and brown leaves, making for really picturesque drives throughout the region. Your best bet for remaining foliage will be in the more southern part of the region- try a ride from Lancaster down towards Carrol on Route 3 or Berlin to Gorham on Route 16.  Berlin is reporting some pretty color left along the Androscoggin River as well in the surrounding hillsides- it’s a mix of nice golds, yellow and a bit of orange.  
Percentage Changed: 100% - Past Peak

White Mountains Region
The White Mountains have headed past peak, but there should still be plenty of options for leaf peepers here this weekend. The key will be sticking to the more southern part of the region. The northern White Mountains and higher elevations have lost a lot of leaves, but down around Campton and Thornton our leaf peepers are reporting plenty of color remaining, even though it is a bit past peak.  In Campton, headed towards Waterville Valley along Route 49, the views are still really nice.  The colors have muted a bit, but you’ll spot lots of rust tones as well as some reds and yellows.  There are still some oak trees that have yet to change, which could bring a renewal of orange and yellow to the area as well.  The Woodstock/Lincoln area is still pretty too, despite a bit of leaf drop.  And though it’s lovely year round, this may be one of your last real weekends for true leaf peeping on the Kancamagus Highway, so be sure to squeeze that ride in while you can!
Percentage Changed: 100% - Past Peak

Lakes Region
The Lakes region is holding onto peak color and looks glorious right now! There is a bit of leaf drop that has occurred in the past couple days, but that shouldn’t affect the perfect views this weekend.  Though we recommended it before, it’s worth saying again- the drive around Newfound Lake is a must do! The views are absolutely stunning along Route 3A to North Shore Drive to West Shore Drive.  You’ll cruise right along the lake with bright vibrant leaves around every turn.  Make a stop at Wellington State Park in Bristol.  You can walk the sandy shores of Newfound Lake while surrounded by bright red, yellow, and orange on all sides.  Squam Lake in Holderness is beautiful as well.  Try Route 3 in Ashland to Route 25 to 113 in Holderness for a nice scenic drive through this area.  Another drive for leaf peeping this weekend will be Route 11 from Alton to Farmington, where the peak foliage is holding strong with red, yellow and orange colors.
Percentage Changed: 100%

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region
Peak foliage is hanging on in the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region, but it probably won’t last long- head up this weekend! Route 4 and 4A are always a good bet for leaf peepers in this region.  These roads will take you through a number of small villages and towns with stretches of beautiful color in between.  The town of Canaan is reported to have really nice color right now.  Be sure to take a drive down historic Canaan Street.  This wide, tree lined street is drenched in fall color and runs right along beautiful Canaan Street Lake. Our leaf peepers also suggest a visit to Enfield, where the color is still very pretty despite a bit of fading color. If you visit Enfield Shaker Museum, be sure to take a hike to the Shaker Feast Ground for a spectacular vista of the Shaker Village nestled along Mascoma Lake.
Percentage Changed: 100%

Monadnock Region
The Monadnock region is enjoying what seems to be an extra-long peak season this year.  Though there have been some duller colors spotted, most days are still ripe with vibrant color.  There is still an abundance of very bright reds that are usually only seen towards the beginning of the season, yet they are holding strong now into the end of October! The area surrounding Mount Monadnock is gorgeous and well worth a visit.  Take a ride on Route 124 near the base of the mountain- you’ll pass by beautiful Perkins Pond where the reflections on the water can be stunning.  Other suggested routes for this weekend include Route 119 from Richmond to Fitzwilliam, Route 12 south from Swanzey through Troy and Fitzwilliam and Route 12 North from Keene into Walpole.  
Percentage Changed: 100%

Merrimack Valley Region
The Merrimack Valley region continues to be a mix of green all the way up to peak color.  In Pembroke, our leaf peepers reported some trees completely vibrant and fully peak, others that are past peak, and still others that are mostly green.  It’s quite a mix! In the Londonderry/Manchester area, there is more color coming out by the day as the area reaches near peak.  Around Concord and Hooksett, the trees are really starting to get more vibrant.  The reds are fiery and the oranges are bold- a nice change from what was looking a bit dull in the past couple weeks.  In Canterbury the trees are very close to peak.  You’ll definitely want to take a ride out to the Canterbury Shaker Village along Shaker Road.  The village is drenched in gold, yellow and orange and is simply stunning.   Nashua is also reporting peak color- be sure to make a stop at Mine Falls Park in the heart of the city for a walk along the peaceful and colorful trails.
Percentage Changed: 50-100%

Seacoast Region
The seacoast is still waiting for peak color to arrive.  The roadsides are patchy, with large sections of green mixed among the autumn colors.  There has been increase in orange and red over the past week, although heavy winds have left some bare spots as well.  The picturesque town of Exeter is reporting lots of pretty color throughout the town.  A drive through downtown along Main Street, Water Street and Front Street will be nice- find a parking spot and hop out to explore the shops and great dining by foot! Though you won’t spot a ton of color along the coast, a drive along Route 1A from Hampton all the way to Newcastle and Portsmouth is well worth your time.  You’ll have gorgeous ocean views the whole way and now is the perfect time to explore our beaches!
Percentage Changed: 25-75%