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Food and Drink Tours

Whether you’re looking to pair rich cheese with wine tastings, try a flight of New Hampshire-brewed beer, experience the sweetness of locally crafted maple syrup, or satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious scoops of ice cream, we have you covered. Jump in the car, grab a friend or the kids, and try out one or more of our Food and Drink Tours.

New Hampshire's Ice Cream Trail
With endless trails in New Hampshire to choose from, the Ice Cream Trail feels like a no brainer as the temperatures rise. Grab the kids, a friend, or a date and experience the sweet side of summer in New Hampshire. Take on the challenge of visiting all 44 dairy and ice cream places throughout the state.

New Hampshire's Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Trails
If you want to get in touch with your classy side while touring our diverse state, why not go on New Hampshire’s Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tour? You’ll experience a trip your taste buds won’t forget, while taking in the beautiful surroundings and scenery at New Hampshire’s vineyards. Discover the art of cheese making at one of our dairies, try a variety of wines at our wineries, and savor the richness of mouth-watering gourmet chocolates delicately crafted by New Hampshire chocolatiers.

New Hampshire's Brewery Map: Live Free and Savor
There’s truly no better way to kick back after a day of seeing the sights than with a cool, handcrafted New Hampshire-made beer. Our Brewery Map will guide you along award-winning breweries, microbreweries, and brew pubs throughout the Live Free state. Pick a region and experience the welcoming vibe of local establishments. If you feel like trying something other than your go-to brew, order a flight and try everything from ales and lagers to porters, stouts, and malts. Call some buddies and tour all of New Hampshire’s finest breweries. Cheers!

Maple for the Whole Family
Ready to take a quintessential New England tour of New Hampshire sugar houses? In March, when it’s time to gather the sweetest crop of the year, you can take your family on this sugary tour and observe the fascinating maple syrup-making process. There’s no sweeter way to shake off winter and greet spring. Many sugar houses are open for visitors all month long. You can even get your hands sticky and carry buckets from the maple trees and into the sugar houses yourself. Some sugar houses feel like stepping back into the past, with horse-drawn wagons and workers balancing the weight of the sap-filled buckets. Be sure to grab some maple syrup goodies to take home!

New Hampshire's Chocolate & Martini Tour
If you’re looking for an extraordinary martini and you have a distinct taste for handcrafted confections, you should definitely take a New Hampshire Chocolate and Martini Tour while you’re here. Martini bars will cater to your finer tastes while you sip classy cocktails with friends, a co-worker, or that special someone. Treat yourself by pairing it with chocolate while talented mixologists craft original recipes for you, one glass at a time.