Great North Woods

GREAT NORTH WOODS RIDE (approx. 120 miles)
Less populated, with many opportunities to see wildlife including moose, black bear and deer this section of New Hampshire is a must-see for nature lovers. From Gorham, go north on Rt. 16 to Berlin, a historic mill city.

Here you can start a loop by continuing on Rt. 16 through Milan and the beautiful Thirteen Mile Woods to Errol, where you'll turn west on Rt. 26 through Dixville Notch, past the famous Balsams Resort, to Colebrook; this stretch is curvaceous and spectacularly scenic.

At Colebrook, turn south on Rt. 3 and stop at the Shrine of our Lady of Grace ; then continue, following the winding Connecticut River.

In Groveton, turn east on Rt. 110 to Stark, famous for its picture-perfect covered bridge, and back to Berlin.

Mahoosuc Touring Map

Also located in the Great North Woods is the Mahoosuc region, which stretches from the White Mountain National Forest and Nash Stream State Forest in eastern New Hampshire to the lakes and high peaks of Maine's Western Mountains.

The Mahoosuc Initiative has published a touring map and guide to the Mahoosuc region: Spectacular Scenic Touring Loop in the Mahoosucs: 100-mile Adventure in NH and ME. It includes a full listing of area visitor services, Chambers of Commerce, natural and historic areas, forests and parks, trails, campgrounds, outfitters, 4-season recreation areas, and other businesses of interest to visitors. You can view the map online here.

Scenic Byways

Connecticut River Byway
The Connecticut River is the natural bridge that unites New Hampshire and Vermont for over half of the waterway’s 410-mile journey from the Canadian border to the Atlantic Ocean. This great river rises in a little pond known as Fourth Connecticut Lake on the Canadian border, and there begins as a mere trickle. It proceeds through a series of lakes in a dense, spruce fir forest with moose and other woodland creatures. The history of New England’s longest and most powerful river reaches back into time. It is the story of clashing continental plates and glacial ice, the story of Abenaki living lightly on the land, and the story of colonial settlement in villages among fields and forests whose architectural distinction still dominates the valley today.

Moose Path Trail
The natural wonders of the Great North Region do not reveal themselves easily, but the Moose Path Trail is your guide. Wind through the scenic and historic Androscoggin River Valley towards Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge while traveling through the 13 Mile Woods – a remarkable conservation success story. Don’t stop there – head up through stunning Dixville Notch and historic Colebrook, and into Pittsburg. Here you’ll find the Connecticut Lakes (headwaters of the Connecticut River) and the aptly-named “Moose Alley” section of US Route 3 – keep your eyes peeled.

Woodland Heritage Trail
Immerse yourself in the scenery and cultural heritage of the working and preserved forests of southern Coos County. Take in views of vast forested lands from the Milan Hill Fire tower, following the remnants of logging boom piers down the Androscoggin River, and arrive in Berlin, “the City that Trees Built.” Complete your loop visiting Gorham, Lancaster, Groveton Village, and the Stark Covered Bridge – one of the most photographed bridges in the state.