General John Stark Scenic Byway

Length: 34 miles
Towns: Goffstown, New Boston, Weare, Dunbarton
Highlights: Follow in the bold boot steps of a Revolutionary War hero and his family. Photograph a blazing crimson maple next to 250-year old stonework. Splash into sparkling Everett Lake at Clough State Park. Live free.

New Hampshire’s motto “Live Free or Die” has been attributed to the state’s best known hero, General John Stark, renowned for his leadership in the Revolutionary War. He was instrumental in leading the fight at the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 and the Battle of Bennington in 1776.

The four byway towns share many common elements beyond the General. The Piscataquog River which flows alongside much of the route became a valuable resource during the Industrial Revolution during the late 19th century. Throughout the year, there are fairs and festivals that celebrate the region’s rural culture. The Hillsborough County Agricultural Fair in New Boston and the annual Goffstown Pumpkin Weigh–Off and Regatta are just a couple of examples of these celebrations that attract visitors from around the state and beyond.

Aside from its rich history, the byway captures the beauty and charm of quintessential smalltown NH. Picturesque villages, open farmlands, and rolling hills can be viewed along the route. Nearby conservation areas protect the natural features, open space, and forest lands of the region. For the many historical, cultural and scenic features along its route, the GJSSB offers the visitor an “off-the-beaten path” experience through a distinctive, little known part of New England.