Here to make your vacation as luxurious and relaxing as possible, New Hampshire has glamorous resorts if you’re looking for a more lavish experience.  The state is home to three grand hotels, which are conveniently situated near mountains, the beach, and exciting towns, so wherever you’re staying, you’ll have easy access to every part of the state and high hospitality when you return to your room.

Covid-19 Update:
If you’re visiting New Hampshire from out of state (excluding New England) for an overnight trip at a lodging property, you’re required to provide signed documentation stating you remained at home for at least a 14 day quarantine* period prior to arriving in the state. This documentation will be provided at your lodging destination. Lodging properties include hotels, motels, B&Bs, cabins, cottages, condominiums, and other short-term rentals.  All lodging properties must ensure they are following the specific business process adaptations as well as the guidelines to protect employees and consumers outlined here. Guests should be prepared to wear a mask or cloth face covering when moving within the facility if social distancing is not possible. For example, during check-in or check-out, and when going to or from a guest room.

*Quarantine period includes going out of your home for essential items only, and wearing a cloth face covering if you are not able to maintain at least 6 feet social distance from other people when outside your home.