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Visit the Farm

For family fun and a different experience, consider visiting a New Hampshire Farm. Roam gardens in full bloom, pick your own apples, berries, or flowers.  Take in a harvest festival, visit a dairy farm at milking time, see sap become maple syrup, shop a farm stand in peak season, taste New Hampshire mead.  These are just a few examples of what is waiting for you on New Hampshire Farms.

Just a note regarding pets on farms: while it may seem like farms are wide open places for your dog to run, it’s not a good idea to bring your dog to the farm for a number of reasons. Dogs and farm animals don’t often mix. Dogs and lots of other people don’t often mix.  New federal regulations prohibit animals from crop growing areas because of potential food safety concerns. It’s best to leave the dog at home, or at minimum, call and find out if pets are welcome at the farm.

Plan Your Farm Visit