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6 Spots for Stargazing

Escape to NH for Star-filled Night Skies!

There’s nothing more romantic than a date with the stars. And here in the Granite State, a lack of light pollution awards us with flawlessly clear, dark skies that are perfect for stargazing. These six spots offer unique vantages and exceptional views of the sky, where you’ll be amazed by New Hampshire’s unrivaled celestial beauty.

Francestown Barn at night

1. Francestown Barn, Brianna Murphy Photography

This striking barn stands strong in the quaint town of Francestown—adding history and quintessential New England charm to your stargazing experience. With beautiful barns like this one scattered all across the Monadnock region, you’ll have plenty of scenic options to capture those stunningly starry skies.

Outside of Crawford Notch Depot at night

2. Crawford Notch Depot, Mark Dalmeida Photography

Nestled within Crawford Notch State Park is the Crawford Depot: a historic and scenic railroad station used today by the Conway Scenic Railroad. The depot is quiet and serene, offering the perfect landscape for stargazers looking for a secluded experience. On a clear night, it’s one of the best places to stargaze in the White Mountains.  

Lake Solitude, Mount Sunapee at night

3. Lake Solitude, Mount Sunapee, Charles Cormier Photography

A short hike from the base of Mount Sunapee will lead you to Lake Solitude, which offers a uniquely serene spot to watch our majestic night skies come to life. On a clear night, you can catch shooting stars striking across your view as the mesmerizing universe reflects in the calm waters below.

Pemigewasset Overlook at night

4. Pemigewasset Overlook, Mark R. Ducharme Photography

The Kancamagus Highway is home to a handful of scenic overlooks serving stunning views of the White Mountain National Forest. The Pemigewasset Overlook in particular awards views of the Osceola Mountain range topped by clear, dark skies that illuminate with twinkling stars after sunset.

White Lake State Park at night

5. White Lake State Park

White Lake State Park sets the stage for some stunning cosmic beauty. The tranquil waters of the modest lake mirror the dark, shimmering skies above, and the open fields dotting the adjacent campground offer peaceful spots to relax and lose yourself in the celestial views.

Umbagog Lake at night

6. Umbagog Lake

The Great North Woods’ remote location and rural landscape manages to escape light pollution. That means the skies here are even clearer, and the universe can shine even brighter. The pristine waters of Lake Umbagog reflect those starry night skies—creating a truly magical experience for stargazers.

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