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NH Mud Season Tips

Mud season in New Hampshire. The time between winter and spring when the ground is thawing out. It has some tell-tale signs characteristics. As springtime temperatures are on the rise, mud puddles start to line the trails. Snow that has been compacted along trails over winter has now formed into slick ice patches. Here’s what you need to know about recreation during mid-March to mid-May in New Hampshire.
  1. Know Before You Go. Staying off a muddy trail is the best way to help preserve it for the upcoming summer season. Use trail apps, land manager websites, motorized club websites and other digital resource to evaluate if a trail is closed. Pick a different trail or venture out on another day.

  2. Wheel and tread recreation activities during mud season. New Hampshire is sought after for its ATV and mountain biking opportunities. However, many trails are closed during mud season because of the negative impact that wheel and tread activities can cause to trail. Help keep New Hampshire’s motorized trails open all summer long by not riding on closed trails during mud season.

  3. Walk Through the Mud! If you do find yourself on a trail with patches of mud, the best thing you can do is walk straight through it in shoes that will dry out later. Walking around mud puddles kills trailside plants, compresses soil, and widens the trail.

  4. Micro-spikes and walking over icy sections of trail. Like mud, ice is a durable surface to walk on if you encounter it on the trail. By walking safely over the ice patches, rather than around them, you are helping reduce damage to trailside vegetation and soil compaction. Come prepared with micro spikes and rubber-tipped hiking poles so that you can easily and safely walk across slick, icy trails with confidence.

  5. Mud season won’t last forever. While April to mid-May might sound like a long time, the good news is that mud season won’t last indefinitely. It’s a natural cycle between the winter and spring seasons here in New Hampshire. While you’re waiting for the trails to dry out, check out these other great opportunities across the state.

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