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Pursuing Winter Adventures in New Hampshire

Long known for being a summer adventure destination, New Hampshire transforms into a frosty playground when the mercury drops and it begins to snow.   

New Hampshire knows its way around winter and has since the skiers began making their way down steep backcountry slopes, and continue today, in search of deep, untouched powder stashes.  

To enjoying these winter activities today, tomorrow, and winters to come, adventurers at every level, should always recreate responsibly.

The Pursuit Series highlights the state’s landscape, winter activities, and tips you should know to ensure a safe and memorable experience.

The Pursuit: Skiing

When planning for a day of skiing or riding at one of New Hampshire’s resorts, check the conditions before you go, to make sure the available terrain aligns with your ability. Before your first run, take time to learn Skier Responsibility Code and become a responsible skier right out of the gate.


The Pursuit: Winter Hiking & The Pursuit: Backcountry Skiing

Whether you’re in the pursuit of fresh powder in the backcountry for that unique skiing experience or if you’re seeking to summit one of New Hampshire’s mountain peaks, take the time to make sure your day will be one of fun and adventure. Check the weather, and avalanche conditions before you head out, leave your itinerary with a friend, and remember to Hike Safe.