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How I Live Free Video Series

How locals “Live Free”

New Hampshire's "Live Free" spirit is something that all Granite Staters share, though it means something a little different to all of us. We rounded up a group of residents who live, work and play here and asked them to share how they "Live Free."

How I Live Free: Tyler McGill

For Tyler McGill, living free in New Hampshire means getting to live out his passion for surfing every day. As the owner of Summer Sessions Surf Shop in Rye, NH, McGill gets to interact with customers who share his love for the sport on a daily basis, and enjoy proximity to the New Hampshire coast he loves so much. McGill Lives Free by living his passion, and New Hampshire happened to be the perfect platform to help him achieve his dreams.

How I Live Free: Monadnock Oil & Vinegar


Driven by a natural, earth-based philosophy--Korey Snow makes a living through his work as a hay farmer and his entrepreneurship of the Monadnock Oil & Vinegar Company in Peterborough. For Snow, growing up on a farm meant always knowing where his food came from, and that principle is evident in his own olive oil and vinegar products today. He wanted to create a product where people could know its source, and he wanted to surprise his customers with new twists on a timeless classic. Snow says that when he’s not selling olive oil or farming, he tries to enjoy New Hampshire’s great outdoors as much as possible: “I’m fishing, I’m kayaking, I’m hiking. That’s how I Live Free.”

How I Live Free: Limmer Boots

Pete Limmer is the steward of Peter Limmer and Sons, a custom-made hiking boot shop in Intervale. Living Free to Pete means “loving what you do.” To be able to steward a three-generation family business allows Pete to do just that. As the business has been operated and passed down through his family since the 1950’s, generations of customers have developed along the way. Limmer gets to customize boots today for clients whose grandparents commissioned boots from Limmer’s own grandfather. Pete believes “money doesn’t make you live longer… happiness does. So Living Free is where it’s at.” 

How I Live Free: Able Ebenezer Brewing Company

The co-founders of Able Ebenezer created the brewing company on the foundation of bringing happiness to people through amazing craft beer. With Mike Frizzelle based out in California and Carl Soderberg at home in New Hampshire, the business partners needed to decide which location would best serve their needs for success. The Live Free or Die state took the cake, and they’ve been living their dream here ever since. Frizelle commented that to him, “It’s really just about enriching someone’s life, making their day a little better with a beer. I mean, I think that goes a long way.”

How I Live Free: Cup of Joe

Joanna Kelley is the proud entrepreneur of Cup of Joe in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After years of planning and saving to make her dream happen, Joanna was able to open a coffee shop and bar in the welcoming downtown Portsmouth community. What Joanna loves the most is that “it’s a great community that has rallied around somebody who wants to be part of this community. It’s really great to see that support.” Her shop is an inclusive environment open to everyone; customers can drink a coffee and work on their computer all day or stop in after work for a beer. Joanna’s passion and dedication to her dream have enabled her to Live Free, and she gets to work doing what she loves every day in a state she's proud to call home. 

How I Live Free: Howie and Sue Wemyss

After exiting the service in 1971, Howie Wemyss moved up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and found himself drawn to the Mount Washington Auto Road. Eventually earning status as the General Manager of the Auto Road and Great Glen Trails, Howie and his wife Sue get to work where others come to vacation. Their true passion for the mountains and for New Hampshire is evident, and despite their travels and explorations of different destinations—they both agree: New Hampshire has it all.