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Foliage Reports

Fall Foliage Report for October 27, 2023

Last call for leaf peepers! The foliage season is wrapping up here in the state as we witness the richly colored leaves begin to abandon the treetops. This season delivered a lively show and there are still sights to be seen across the state as the transition to winter just begins. With the summit of Mount Washington having seen its first snow, we can officially send off the 2023 foliage season here in New Hampshire. Until next year!

Great North Woods: Past Peak
New Hampshire’s northernmost region is preparing its transition to winter as the foliage slowly departs the treetops. A majority of the landscapes are bare at this stage in the season, despite a few persistent trees with stubborn leaves. The annual changing of the seasons is a poetic nod to the cyclical artistry of nature; the inherent cycle of life. As the mercury continues to drop in this northern region, we can look
forward to the epic winter adventures just around the corner!

White Mountains Region: Past Peak
The curtains have closed on the foliage show in the White Mountains Region. Mountain slopes seen in the distance are losing their signature haze of orange as leaves depart the treetops. The once overwhelmed forests are becoming bare, creating artistically inspiring landscapes as the last bursts of color leave the trees. Driving around the region will grant surprise views of persistent foliage, but the major views and seasonal sights have left for the season. This part of autumn is great for hiking, as the bare forests make way for new vantages unseen in the summer and spring months. With winter looming just around the corner, it’s time to get out and enjoy nature before our first snowfall!

Lakes Region: Peak / Past Peak
Trees across the Lakes Region are shedding their leaves, leaving bushes of colorful leaves huddled on the treetops. Higher elevations reveal landscapes with bare trees and small stands of color nestled in the forests. But leaf-peepers should not despair; there may be some last hidden color lingering on the treetops for those savvy enough to spot them! Perhaps a drive along Route 16 from East Wakefield through Ossipee will put you on the right path. From the summit of Mount Rowe, a confetti of pale autumn colors can be seen for miles. Don’t forget time for the annual NH Pumpkin Festival in Laconia this weekend!

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: Past Peak
Color is fading fast in the region, with more bare trees imposing on the landscapes each day. The rich gold and russet leaves that remain coat the forests in an attractive autumn glow, but conditions have passed peak at this point. The beautiful drive along I-89 between New London and Lebanon still boasts clusters of color, but foliage is departing fast. An autumn hike may be the best way to see the last of the
foliage; we hear there are electrifying patches of color seen atop Mount Kearsarge. Or a climb up Sunapee Mountain to overlook Lake Solitude is beautiful any time of year, but especially when framed in dwindling autumn color.

Monadnock Region: Past Peak
While Mount Monadnock may still have slopes drenched in fiery color, the leaves are departing with every whisper of wind, sending a flurry of colorful foliage to rustle around the region. There are persistent trees hanging onto their leaves in spots around the region, but the bouquet of foliage that once adorned the landscapes has disappeared. Across the winding back roads and charming small towns, the leaves have lost their luster and are piling on forest floors. Now is the time to prepare for winter’s arrival, when those same charming small towns and wide-open spaces become blanketed in snow perfect for recreation.

Merrimack Valley: Past Peak
Throughout the region, a mix of vibrantly colored leaves huddled between spooky trees with bare branches has created a mysterious atmosphere, just in time for Halloween! Major color has arrived to the capitol city of Concord, with red and yellow leaves decorating neighborhoods and lining the Merrimack River. We hear there is still good color spotted around Salem, so perhaps a visit to Canobie Lake’s Screemfest will be accentuated by the last of the foliage.

Seacoast: Peak / Past Peak Foliage
On New Hampshire’s Seacoast, the leaves are darkening into deep shades of crimson, auburn, and gold. If you’re looking to get out and into nature, we hear Kingston State Park is donned in festive autumn colors and there are great views of foliage-framed waters along the Great Pond. Similarly, we hear Northwood is brimming with colorful leaves, and trees huddled on the shore of Northwood Lake are simply shining. You’ll notice many barren trees settling in the landscapes as the foliage display draws to a close, but the mix of colorful leaves is still a sight to see and will last through the weekend to highlight any last-minute leaf peeping plans.