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Foliage Reports

September 25, 2020

Great North Woods: 80% Color Change
Leaf peepers get ready… because the foliage is gearing up to peak any moment in the Great North Woods!  All around the region dazzling displays of electric orange, russet, and golden hues are lighting up the landscapes, especially if you’re heading north along routes 145, 26, or 3. The transition is happening quickly, so this weekend may be the perfect time to head north and see the captivating colors camouflaging the treetops. If you’re looking for a quiet backroads drive this weekend, follow Magalloway Road in Pittsburg along the shores of Lake Francis for breathtaking views of the foliage reflected in sparkling waters. We hear the views in Dixville Notch are especially exceptional—so be sure to leave time to explore the valley.  And for an up close and personal view of the region's foliage right now, be sure to check out Live Free With Kris's latest video online here: it was just filmed two days ago!

White Mountains Region: 40% Color Change
The colors are huddling in beautiful clusters around the White Mountains, teaming up to draw attention from the remaining green leaves. While the foliage turnout is mostly random for now, the leaves are quickly transitioning and are positioned to overtake the region in a matter of weeks! For now, you can spot some amazingly stunning color in and around Bretton Woods or Franconia Notch. Travelling along The Kancamagus Highway on Route 112 always grants unbelievable views—and with the foliage rapidly developing, this weekend may be a great time for a scenic drive.  

Lakes Region: 45% Color Change
Summer and fall continue to tango in the Lakes Region, with swirls of crisp fall air mingling with warm summer breezes. A few brave maple and birch trees have dared to display their vibrant auburn and gold leaves, especially along route 106 heading south towards Concord. The drive is absolutely bursting with unexpected color! The beautiful warm weather predicted for this weekend means the lakes and rivers will be calling, luring residents and visitors to get out and explore. On potentially one of the last warm weekends of the season, why not make a trip to the town of Wolfeboro: America’s Oldest Summer Resort? You can hop on the Cotton Valley Rail Trail which offers bicyclists the chance to ride along old railroad tracks and by the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Wentworth. Or, simply explore downtown Wolfeboro and all that the charming lakeside town has to offer!

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: 30% Color Change
The region is still shining with the sparkle of summer as invigorating shades of green continue to dominate the treetops. Transitional bursts of color can be spotted in wetter areas, especially around the Sunapee area. If you’re driving along Route 11 towards Andover you may have exciting opportunities to see more pockets of foliage, so be sure to stay on the lookout. Or, if you find yourself on I-89, make a detour off Exit 9 in Warner and follow Route 103 towards Newbury, where you can take 103A to 103B and circumnavigate Lake Sunapee to hunt for more colors!

Merrimack Valley: 35% Color Change
In the Merrimack Valley, the landscapes remain alive with the vibrancy of summer. Mother Nature continues to sprinkle hints of fall color to dress up the foliage, but for now, the landscapes remain relatively unchanged. You can catch bursts of randomly colored leaves heading east along NH 9 from Concord to Barrington. But reports are suggesting that your best bet is to explore NH 202 from Hopkinton to Hillsborough. The foliage is displaying near-peak conditions with brilliantly bold colors shining along the drive! As the weather has been seasonably unpredictable, peak foliage for the rest of the region may be lurking right around the corner as well, but time will tell. With the beautiful weather predicted for this weekend, why not get out and explore a local park to spot some foliage? Northwood Meadows State Park offers 674 acres of stunning woodlands complete with gentle hiking trails, great fishing opportunities, and excellent bike paths.

Monadnock Region: 30% Color Change
In the Monadnock Region, the foliage mostly remains in a summer wardrobe of green and olive tones, but a handful of trendsetting trees are showing off scarlet and amber colored attire! With a mix of transitional colors remaining on the treetops, the region is particularly beautiful and absolutely worth a trip. Hopeful leaf peepers should check out Route 9 between Nelson and Keene where more colors seem to arrive every day! The warm weather predicted for the weekend will give way to fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities for those looking to explore the region. Distant Hill Nature Trails in Walpole offers hikers the chance to experience biodiverse forests, fields, and wetlands which may even have some fall colors on display if you’re lucky!

Seacoast Region: 20% Color Change
With beautiful, sunny skies predicted for the weekend—there may not be much color development brewing on the seacoast, but that shouldn’t dissuade early leaf peepers! There are still plenty of activities to occupy a weekend in the region, and the warm weather will only make a trip that much more enjoyable. Explore downtown Portsmouth and discover the rich history of New Hampshire’s seacoast at numerous historic sites, take a harbor cruise, or stick to the parks and beaches for safe, outdoor recreation. If you’re driving along Route NH 9, you may spot some sparkles of faint autumn color, so keep an eye out!