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Foliage Reports

Foliage Report for October 29, 2021
As the foliage season draws to a close, this will be the final Fall Foliage Report of the year. Mother Nature put on a truly brilliant foliage show here in New Hampshire, with some of the most vibrant colors imaginable seen all over the state at its peak. A kaleidoscope of pink, burgundy, auburn, and scarlet leaves adorned the treetops and transformed the state into a real fall wonderland. With the first signs of winter already appearing, we can look forward to a snowy season ahead with snow sports galore and plenty of beautiful winter vistas! 
Great North Woods: Past Peak

October 29: The decadence of fall has come and gone in the Great North Woods, and now the region will begin to anticipate its first snowfall as temperatures continue to drop. The Great North Woods is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise in the winter, with miles and miles of unspoiled landscapes perfect for snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice fishing, and more—so there’s plenty to look forward to!

White Mountains Region: Past Peak

October 29: As the very last of the color leaves the trees in the White Mountains, the region’s landscapes will begin to open up, revealing the piles of colorful leaves resting on the forest floor. As the last of the foliage abandons the trees, new vantage points will open up along hikes and scenic overlooks hidden by leaves in the summer and fall months. With the summit of Mount Washington already cloaked in a blanket of snow and the region’s first snowfall arriving this past week, the region can look forward to a perfectly snowy winter to allow for snow sports and winter adventures. 

Lakes Region: Past Peak

October 29: While there are still brilliant colors lingering around the region – especially on the slopes of Gunstock Mountain – a majority of the leaves fell victim to the harsh winds and rain earlier this week. The region is losing its colorful luster, with seasonal winds carrying the foliage away day by day. Leaf peepers may be able to spot some last seasonal sights around the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and near Weirs Beach, but these next few days will likely be the last opportunity for color before the foliage season officially ends.

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: Past Peak

October 29: The Dartmouth / Lake Sunapee Region had a wonderfully bright and bold foliage season, and while there may be small spots of color clustered around the region that remain, a majority of the foliage is found swirling in the winds and resting on the ground. The views from Mount Kearsarge confirm that a majority of the vibrant colors have come and gone, though patches of bright orange leaves can still be spotted from the peak. We look forward to next year’s colors and what the coming winter will bring!

Merrimack Valley Region: Peak/Past Peak

October 29: In the Merrimack Valley, the northwest portion of the region is seeing past peak conditions, but towards the central and eastern sides of the valley, the colors are still in full swing! The region had a slow start to the season, so colors have continued to develop later than usual, challenged only by heavy winds and rain that have stripped many trees of their leaves. Leaf peepers looking for the last of the color may have luck heading east along Route 101 towards the Seacoast.

Monadnock Region: Past Peak

October 29: In New Hampshire’s western corner, the foliage has largely left the landscapes, with just a few hints of the foliage show still remaining on the treetops. Widespread leaf loss has left many forests bare, though the colorful leaves stay huddled on nature trails and roadsides around the region. The Monadnock Region delivered a long-lasting foliage show with an incredible variety of color, so leaf peepers can look forward to what the next year will bring!

Seacoast Region: Peak/Past Peak
October 29: The seacoast is enveloped in rich, decadent colors as the season finally draws to a close. Anywhere you drive in the region will grant stunning foliage views, but leaf peepers should make their last leaf hunting plans now before greedy winds or rain steal the last of the leaves. Route 101 East is absolutely stunning, and the region is aglow in seasonal shades of burgundy, orange, and golden hues. With chilly temperatures and winds in the forecast, the leaves may not be around for much longer, but get out and enjoy them while you can!