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Foliage Reports

Fall Foliage Report for October 3, 2022

Great North Woods: 75-85% Color Change
The foliage in the Great North Woods is bright and bold, and the region is showing off some of the best foliage in the state at this stage in the season! Dixville Notch is absolutely dripping with color, and the views from the Table Rock Trail show off sweeping views of the bouquet of colors in the landscapes. Further north, Pittsburg and Colebrook continue to show off an abundance of vibrant leaves on the majority of trees, indicating peak or near peak conditions. Now is the time to plan a visit and enjoy the region’s colorful landscapes!

White Mountains Region: 50-75% Color Change
The White Mountains Region continues to display more and more color with each passing day. There is widespread color dusting most of the landscapes, and we hear of especially bold and developed foliage in the northwestern portion of the region through Franconia, Littleton, and Bethlehem. Peak conditions are expected for these areas likely by this weekend so now is a great time to plan a visit. Driving along the Kancamagus Highway, the trees show off unbelievably vibrant red and sunny yellow leaves and the overlooks reveal deeply colored landscapes. On the eastern side of the region near North Conway and Jackson, the landscapes are softly colored in muted tones but over the next few weeks the foliage is expected to become brighter and bolder.

Lakes Region: 25-35% Color Change
Leaf peepers with a keen eye can spot the eager trees around the region which are displaying fully transitioned leaves of gold, red, and orange. But the landscapes are still in the early stages of foliage, with leaves getting darker and fading into muted yellow and soft orange tones. We hear the stretch along Route 25 from Plymouth to Rumney may be hiding some colorful foliage. The next few weeks are expected to bring a widespread change to the region’s landscapes so stay tuned.

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region: 40-55% Color Change
Portions of the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region are absolutely glowing with color. The landscapes in the northwest part of the region are decorated in bold shades of auburn, lurid, and scarlet leaves, and the towns near New London, Springfield, and Danbury are especially bursting with foliage. Driving north along Route 114 from New London to Springfield, the roadways are framed in colorful landscapes, and the hillsides seen along the drive are sporting deep orange patches.

Monadnock Region: 40% Color Change
The western portion of the Monadnock Region has developed some brightly colored trees, especially in the towns of Walpole and Westmoreland. Around the region, almost all trees are showing a dusting of fall colors, and near streams and lakes there is especially strong color developing! In the southern part of the region near Fitzwilliam and Rindge, there are spots of brightly colored trees that have turned, but the foliage is still muted for now. We hear the drive along Route 101 from Peterborough and Keene is particularly colorful, and the foliage is expected to develop quickly over the next few weeks.

Merrimack Valley: 25-35% Color Change
The Merrimack Valley continues to adopt a golden overlay among the treetops as landscapes fade from green into deeper seasonal colors. The brightest trees which have already begun their transition continue to stand out among the forests, and there is a good mix of colorful trees hiding in the landscapes near Loudon and Canterbury. For those looking to hunt for foliage along the roadways, we hear there is some color dotting the ride along Route 101 from Bedford to Manchester.

Seacoast: 20% Color Change
The foliage continues to slowly develop in the seacoast, with more faded yellow leaves and soft orange shades arriving along the treetops. More cold nights and warm days in the region will continue to encourage more foliage, but for now the colors remain around the 20% mark. Heading north along Route 16 from Rochester through Milton, there are some bright pops of color along the roadways for those looking for a seasonal drive.