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New Hampshire's Climate

Four seasons of fun.
When it comes to weather, New Hampshire likes to change things up. As a state with four distinct seasons, we have the privilege of enjoying diverse outdoor activities all year long. Our summers are warm and humid, perfect for splashing in the lake, taking a dip in the Atlantic, or camping under the stars. Winters are cold, ideal for days spent skiing at one of our many resorts, snowmobiling our trails, or having a spontaneous snowball fight with your family. Fall is a perfectly cool season, where you can layer up and enjoy New England fall activities like apple picking, leaf peeping, and pumpkin carving. And make sure to plan a springtime hike, where the not too hot, not too cold weather makes for a delightful trip up one of the state’s scenic mountains. Plan your trip for any season and start looking forward to year-round fun.

Trips for All 4 Seasons