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Ten Solar Eclipse Essentials

A total solar eclipse has the potential to attract a significant number of people to New Hampshire, all seeking to be part of this extraordinary event.  We’ve rounded up ten things to consider including in your eclipse essentials packing list to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when you arrive.  

It’s a good idea to bring paper money with you.  What if there’s a problem with a merchant’s credit card machine, or if ATMs aren’t working? Or perhaps the place you’re buying gas or food only accepts cash.  
Cell Phone Chargers
Cell coverage can be spotty in the Great North Woods, and if you’re using apps to navigate around, you could lose battery power quickly. If you have a charger you’ll stay powered up, especially if you need to call for help or if you get stuck in snow or mud.

Extra Clothes  
Sure, the calendar says April. But in New Hampshire, the weather is often a wild card, especially during the spring.  It’s a good idea to dress in layers and be prepared with extra clothes in case of a change in the conditions.
First Aid Kit
Be prepared for a roadside emergency with a first-aid kit. Not sure what to include? The American Red Cross has suggestions of helpful items to consider in your emergency road trip kit. Remember that cold weather is a possibility, so be sure to pack supplies to keep warm in case of emergency. 
While local businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants have prepared to welcome an influx of visitors, this is a shoulder season, so it’s a good idea to pack snacks and some non-perishables to have on hand.
Full tank of gas
Keep your gas tank full! The Great North Woods is a large wilderness area, with fewer places to fuel up. Not knowing how many people will travel to the region on the big day could mean gas is in shorter supply.  Fill up when you can.
***If you have an electric vehicle be sure to map out a route before you leave home as there are very limited charging options in northern New Hampshire.
Yes, a paper map! What if cell service is spotty? Or if the networks are overloaded by too many users. A NH state highway map will help you navigate around the region if you’re not able to use your phone or GPS.
Patience is essential to pack on any road trip! Anticipate an increase of traffic on the way to view the eclipse, and when you leave. A reminder to be kind, courteous and patient to everyone you meet. We’re all here to make memories at this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Solar Eclipse Glasses
The only safe way to view the eclipse is through special solar filters, known as eclipse glasses or with a handheld solar viewer.  Be sure to bring these items with you as you may not be able to buy them once you get to your viewing destination.
Let’s face it, who goes anywhere these days without a bottle of water? According to health experts, you should have a half gallon to a gallon per person per day. So, plan and pack accordingly. You might consider packing extra toilet paper, too. After all that water, if your only option is a porta-potty that's out of toilet paper, you'll be glad you did.