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Great North Woods Region

Your summer road trip itinerary for the Great North Woods.
Get up close and personal with New Hampshire’s wildlife on this nature-bound adventure. Spot a deer, catch some bass, and maybe even be lucky enough to encounter one of our magnificent moose.
  1. Fly Fishing Experience (45 Stewart Young Road, Pittsburg) Enjoy a guided fly fishing outing in one of the Great North Wood’s many lakes, rivers, and ponds with a certified outfitter from Lopstick.

  2. Rent an ATV with Bear Rock Adventures (1564 Main Street, Pittsburg) Experience the expansive off-roading trail network known as Ride the Wilds, where you’ll get up close and personal with the region’s lush forests and native wildlife.

  3. Pontoon Wildlife Tour (29 Upton Road, Errol) Let a local guide from Northern Waters Outfitters show you around the tranquil waters of Lake Umbagog, a National Wildlife Refuge.

  4. Gorham Moose Tours (69 Main Street, Gorham) Enjoy a guided moose tour, where local tour guides boasting a 97% success rate can practically guarantee a moose sighting for you!

  5. Beaver Brook Falls (Wayside, 432 Route 145, Colebrook) Visit one of New Hampshire’s most majestic waterfalls at Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook. Pack a picnic and enjoy the park’s wide-open space in any season.