The wind in your hair. The satisfaction of getting from Point A to Point B under your own power and at your own pace. The license to indulge, earned with the calories you’ve burned. Whatever your motivation, New Hampshire is perfect for a biking vacation. Our country roads are ideal for touring; you can even pedal from campground to campground or inn to inn.

Off-road cycling and mountain-biking enthusiasts can access hundreds of trails within New Hampshire State Parks and in White Mountain National Forest. Ski trails become bike trails for technically proficient riders in the summer months. Recreational Rail Trails are bicycle-friendly, too, and suitable for leisurely family outings. NH Bike/Ped provides regional maps and bike-safety information.

If you're new to biking in New Hampshire, stop by any bike shop for friendly advice on the best local bike paths and off-road routes. In addition to selling bikes and gear, many shops organize group rides, a fun way to exercise and socialize.

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